BFW Solutions won title of "2021 Advanced Collective in the field of Electronic Information Engineering "  

Jan 12,2022

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Recently,The "2021 Academic Annual Meeting" hosted by JiaXing Electronics and Information Engineering Federation was grandly held in the Lecture hall of Jiaxing Science and Technology Market, and BFW Solutions won the honorary title of "2021 Advanced Collective in the field of Electronic Information Engineering research".  More than 100 participants from Jiaxing Information Technology Government Department, member units and industry-related enterprises attended this meeting.

During the meeting,  the participants exchanged and learned from each other, showing the new progress, new trends and new achievements in the field of electronic information engineering in Jiaxing city.

In recent years, Jiaxing has been making efforts in the digital economy, accelerating its efforts to become a digital city.  JiaXing Electronics and Information Engineering Federation set up 2021 awards in the field of electronic information engineering research to encourage enterprises to research and develop new products with independent intellectual property rights and high technical content and promote their application.  


In the sharing themed "digital reform" of the meeting, Ms. Shuang Yu, general Manager of Zhejiang Sales of BFW Solutions, explained the development trend and technical advantages of F5G all-optical network to the leaders and guests in combination with national policies.  She said: "no matter from the national strategic level or from the perspective of industrial policy, in the next 10 years or longer, F5G all-optical networks technology will, with its large bandwidth, safe and reliable, light back into the copper and low latency can assign one thousand digital transformation and energy conservation and emissions reduction, any profession power in promoting green network based digital and intelligent upgrade."

In order to facilitate the guests to understand the latest technology and product achievements, the meeting set up a product exhibition area.  The technical staff from BFW Solutions and the participants exchanged and discussed the products and solutions .  Among all the products, the 86 panel ONU is the star product, which has the characteristics of high bandwidth, high reliability and easy management. The internal structure design of the product adopts the separation of strong and weak electricity to make it much safer to operate.  At the same time, the product can be directly installed in the wall or the desktop, which can solvthe traditional ONU set of visual pain points and tail fiber exposed easy damage and other problems, truly make the gigabit network from the machine room "one fiber to the desktop".  


In 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice of "Action Plan for coordinated Development of Dual Gigabit Networks (2021-2023)", and the "gigabit network" and "all-optical network" of will usher in a golden period of rapid development.  Therefore, BFW Solutions will continue to invest in and deepen innovation in the future, and continue to create green, intelligent and innovative information technology solutions and products, so as to provide in-depth services for the needs of digital transformation and intelligent construction in all sectors of society.  

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