BFW Solutions successfully launched high cost-effective Symmetrical 10G PON terminal

Dec 19,2019

From BFW Solutions

Author BFW News

As the world's leading broadband access equipment provider, BFW Solutions has been committed to the development of the next generation of ultra broadband access network solutions.  The symmetrical 10G PON terminal series launched this time provides users with 1 channel 10G and 1 channel 2.5g Ethernet interface, 10G line speed forwarding from WAN to LAN, realizing the true meaning of 10 gigabit home network service.  Adopting the latest 10G PON optical component technology of BFW Solutions,will greatly reducing the hardware cost of products, helping products to achieve large-scale shipment, and facilitating the investment and construction of 10-gigabit access network of operators.  image.png


Due to the pandemic,people’s lifestyle has been changed a lot, remote service such as online shopping, online education, home office, video conference, network game are on an explosive growth, people’demand for super-fast broadband network is more strongly than any moment, all operators around the word are trying to carry out the further acceleration of the network.  

The pandemic do cause a huge shock to our business,but we never hold back,we will keep to invest in the direction of our products,even increase our investment.Current situation is fair to all companies,with risks and new opportunities,we firmly believe that if we make the right products and do a good job, we will win the market” said by Fisher Yu deputy GM of BFW Solutions.

Symmetric 10G PON terminal of BFW Solutions has completed trial commercial use in many well-known operators in Europe, North America, South America and won many customer orders.  In the future, we will continue to improve hardware design, integrate supply chain resources, continue to optimize the cost in the long term, improve product competitiveness, and provide the most cost-effective product solutions for operators.  

News report link in C114 Communication network (a famous communication industry website in China):http://www.c114.com.cn/ftth/5472/a1124928.html