BFW Solutions won the bid of AIS WiFi 6 wireless router purchase project for the first time in Thailand

Nov 14,2019

From BFW Solutions

Author BFW News

Recently, Advanced Info Service, one of the top three operators in Thailand(AIS) has announced the results of WiFi6 wireless router large-scale collective procurement bidding , products from BFW Solutions won the bid and obtained 100% of its procurement share, which means BFW Solutions will play an important role to promote WiFi6 technology introduction and product deployment in Thailand.

Established 28 years ago, AIS has about 3,000 physical stores and occupies a major share of Thailand's broadband market. AIS is committed to providing high-quality communication products and services to improve people's quality of life.  WiFi 6 is the sixth generation of WiFi technology. Compared with WiFi 5, WiFi 6 has higher speed, lower latency, larger capacity, safer power saving, and is suitable for AR/VR/ HD live broadcast, smart home, enterprise wireless office network and other network demand scenarios with large bandwidth and low latency.  

The AIS tender is also the first large-scale purchase of WiFi6 wireless router products in the entire Southeast Asian carrier market. Wining this bid is the recognition and trust of the latest WiFi6 technology research and development achievements of BFW Solutions. 

Actually,BFW Solution has continuously focused on the evolution of core technologies in the field of broadband access and the development and application of related products since inception in 2014 . We have independently researched and developed Wifi6 serialized products and solutions of optical fiber to base station, optical fiber to office desktop, optical fiber to home, optical fiber to room and enterprise and family.  The products have been widely deployed to more than 500 operators and vertical market industry customers in North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, mainland China and other regions.  

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